four or five swords

by Inferni

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We've been workin on this for a while
Time sigs used:
4/4 9/8 3/4 11/8 15/8
Sticks: Kz
Bass and Vox: Steph
Guitar and Vox: Adrain


released August 9, 2016

Recorded by Ryan
Written by Kasey, Steph, and Adrian

A small list of thanks:

Evan Ouellett
Gracer greggr
Seth Goodwin
Wes Strader
Joshua Milligan
wade conyers
patrick horton
eric davis
brock hicks
alexis johnson
siracha yahtley
mr. alsup
hal crosno
josh morris
dan avidan
mason mercer
chandler mercer
alex hyden
lane richards
liam garret?
liam tuttle
makenna mobus
grady druge
tammy exsex
chris martin
peyton lane
parker lane
charli denton
greta stocker
randy knolls
gretchen knolls
lkindsey casteeeeeel
macey casteel
tim casteel
taylor castell
cory stocker
kendall stocekre
bryson storcker
landon stocer
gared willimas
billy mayes
heather williams
brokkes williams
alex harris
miles wright
matt jeeems (hell fuckin no)
jonny coker
andrew hughes
matt hope studios
seth goodwin again
guys from free at last
gage farely
chris farely
eathen holenchad
dakota cadwell
victoria desquellin
joshua melt
tre cool (of green day)
pete mountain
travis wu
cole simons
juian pardo
ky skidmore
nick landerville
conner posten
carlos from korea
rumien rezza
james rezza
jess (roberto's wife)
brother rabbit
cory brison
bryson davis
eathin pilgre
joshua henderson
porche stradder
molly margret
chris rider (excluded)
garen wade
arron (my drug dealler)
chris (that guy i fucked)
amber spencer
andrew phillips
all of present plans
gavin bollin
pendelton ward
lydia smith
neil purtt
lyonnel richie
getty lee
sam walker
ryan crothc
ryan salla
not like igor
chess club
all of lawrence, ks
grammar maxx
dirk frazel (the man)
dirk frazel (the myth)
dirk frazel (the legend)
garret jackson
calvin todd
raymond shmidt
bariun beshta
shmitty wergenmengensen (he was number 1)
calum semen
page rushing
levi houseman
vada ruching
frank anne
ayn rand
karl marx
ronald mcdonald
the burger king yumbo
jasmin grounds
ally gwenings
ally donald
anthony ball is life
brandin hicks
charlie sheen the winner
carlos estevez
emilio estvez
alex reeves
keanu reeves
our dicks are out
James Wood
Austin Williams
Austin Williams
Candice Wood
Shelby Wood
Shelby Creek
Drew Wood
Levi Wood
Garret Johnson
Brendan Keeter
Louis Scott Vargis
Robert S.
Chris Brown
Travis Cambpell
David Dooling the fourth
David Dooling the fifth (The best one)
Mason Kirkland
Mason Saddler
Kyle widmar
Hannah Shoemaker
HAnnah Shipley
Peyton Shipley
Gloria Shipley
Scott Monter
Scott Monter Senior
Janet Monter
Reid Harms
Tyler Stillman
Andrew Stillman
Barrack obamma
Hillary Clintoof
Allan Leiker
3 days grace
Told Slant
The rest
Ned from title fight
All the jank guys
DAn the denim man
tom hanks
matthew mcconaughey
Trevor Smith
Trevor Stopka
Trevor york
Shae Martin
Jessie Eisinberg
James Sprague
Coach Fish
Jack Shephard
Kate Austen
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
James "Sawyer" Ford
John Locke/Man in Black
Sayid Jarrah
Jin-Soo Kwon
Sun-Hwa Kwon
Claire Littleton
Charlie Pace
Michael Dawson
Walt Lloyd
Shannon Rutherford
Boone Carlyle
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Danielle Rousseau
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Ana Lucia Cortez
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Mr. Eko
Elizabeth "Libby" Smith
Benjamin Linus
Alex Rousseau
Penny Widmore
Juliet Burke
Nikki Fernandez
Richard Alpert
Eloise Hawking
Daniel Faraday
Miles Straume
Charlotte Lewis
Frank Lapidus
Ilana Verdansky
Michael Bolton



all rights reserved


Inferni Ozark, Missouri

here i am the saddest ive ever been in my life and yet i smile

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Track Name: Crypt Ghast (ok maybe just two swords)
My room is cold with the ghosts of my past
The next room showed me burning the crypt at last
What am I supposed to do with all of these thorns?
What am I supposed to do with all these thorns?
My room is cold with the ghosts of my past
The next room showed me burning the crypt at last
I have crushed roses, unknowingly destroying us
A changing moment, black oceans claim me again
Track Name: I should really be going soon (I've spent too much time here)
I can still feel the colours, draining from this place
Memories that never last, wasted time that I'll never get back
You try so hard to not hear me out, you just don't know what I'm all about
I can still feel the colours draining from this place
I've spent too much time here and I should really be going soon
Track Name: Hard nights on route fifteen towards fushia city (RIP Digletta)
I wish that I was dead
collecting flowers at my gravestones head
I wish that I could sleep
normally for just one more week
I wish I'd brought my coat
Left a bad taste like a sour note
I wish that I could play
but that would mean that you would want to stay

Hard nights lead to harder days, broken promises I'm losing my way
sleepless nights that I lie awake, staring at the dark
Track Name: Samurai aRe great man and so are you Matthew McConaughey (Tom Hanks)
Stuck inside a body that's not mine, I don't feel like I'm real I don't feel like I'm strong I don't feel like I can move on. I am pouring salt into old wounds stitching myself up with rusty needles. I can't fathom myself anywhere but here.
I can't picture myself happy in my own selfish mindset and body
Track Name: In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight (Starring Jim Carey)
You're walking through town on a cold October evening, the sounds of dead leafs crushing under your feet as you search for some kind of meaning. As you search for some reason to live. As you search for something to know. As you search for something to love
I can't feel
You make your way across the highway, the white lines that now, at your feet, scream at you in a blur. What are you running from? You can't find yourself and the answers lay behind you. A little too late.
I don't feel real anymore
So you search and you search, always coming up short. Your family and friends are worried that you're just confused. But you're not. Please come home now. Please I miss you, come home now.
I miss you. Please, come home.

Can't feel comfortable in my skin
Cant you just forget me?
Can't feel comfortable in my skin.
Can't you just forget me?
Track Name: Persistence of Vision (Party Version) (Lmao dude it's just a prank dude bro whats wrong it's just a prank lmao there's a hidden camera there's a hidden camera there's a hidden camera it's all a prank dude lmao calm down bro it's just a prank dude lmao bro come on bro lmao *hits vape* it's a prank)
As I lay, in the dark

I looked up
At the stars

As the crowd, went inside

The music of the trees
Filled up my mind
Track Name: What's up with those blank pages in the backs of books? I want more story (So far)(It's just one really big sword)
Lets talk about, being stable
I don't think I'm able.
Lets talk about, you and me and what we could be
Lets talk about what we had, and what we could have had
You tuck me into bed at night and kiss my head and tell me that you love me but I know that you will only grow to resent me.

But I want you to be free

A: Floors are made out of floor, sometimes you just
K: Er... floor.
A: Floors. Lets just record five minutes of us talking.
K. Yeah dude, just thats the rest of it
A: Just like clip it together
K: Well yeah, then it fades out eventually
A: Get rid of some of the fluff, not put five minutes of fade out but like
B: Well yeah we don't want
A: But like take out some of the fluff and get like a minute of us talking
K: Or just use all the fluff
A: I'm not gonna, I don't want us to have like five minutes of fluff talking
B: We can't do this
A: No I wouldn't like that
K: No this is so easy we are literally doing this right now
A: I'm okay with like a minute
B: I know but the this
K: We're arguing about this and it's going to be on the thing and it's so funny
B: The second you argue about it it sounds fake, it's like we're trying to make it sound
A: But maybe you're like explaining it so maybe you're trying to point out that it sounds fake, maybe it sounds fake
K: Maybe you're next leveling us
A: Maybe it sounds fake so that you're trying to explain that it sounds fake, because it is fake, but it's not really fake, so you're trying to trick us to make sure it sounds fake
B: It's like we're trying to have a conversation, about having a conversation
A: Yeah! but
B: But it's like a forced fake conversation
A: But then it's a forked faced fork, forced fake forced conversation because it's not really forced because we're actually talking about forcing the conversation, so it's not really forced, its just a faked forced forced fake conversation
B: But like it doesn't work as well as the other bands that have the random like intros like they were talking and then one of them is just like
A: Oh wait, we're playing
B: Usually the drummer, just decides, hey we're going to record the song, now.
A: Yeah but we're doing it at the end
B: Yeah but we're doing it at the end and people aren't going to sit here and listen to this whole thing
K: We are so next leveling this right now
A: We are so next leveling this, bush did 9/11, investigate 3/11
B: What's that one song on that mixed CD, it's just like, the beginning is right after that good song, and then they just have: She sucks, and then the song starts
A: I have no Idea what you're talking about
K: Yeah like dude
B: Literally, it's super quiet, but they just say like, she sucks
K: Did you get that from tumblr?
A: Yeah I don't know what you're talking about, is that an expire song?
B: No.
K: expire
A: I didn't know you listened to expire dude
B: You know I've never listened to expire in my entire life
A: I don't think, I, you have an expire beanie on right now
B: I went to, yeah
A: You're wearing an expire shirt
B: I think I got you an expire shirt
A: You're wearing expire jeans
B: I listened to expire for five minutes then my mom made me come home
K: wait are those bike crime socks?
A: You have two expire tattoos
K: Are those bike crime socks
B: I'm the lead singer of expire
A: I'm pretty sure you know who expire is bud, stop next leveling us. There you go
K: that's good
B: We're basically the best
A: I think that's it